June 2, 2023

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3D Printed String Vase Shows What’s Possible

3D Printed String Vase Shows What’s Possible

Overhangs are the bane of the melty-plastic 3D printing entire world. Typically, we try out to stay clear of them with artistic print alignments, or we compensate with supports. Nevertheless, [3DPrintBunny] resolved to embrace overhangs in the extreme in the structure of her resourceful 3D-printed string vase.

The layout is meant to be printed with a more substantial nozzle, on the order of .8 mm or so, at a layer top of .6 mm. Below these ailments, the printer nozzle bridges the hole involving the vase’s pillars with a single string of molten filament. With the options just so, the molten filament stays attached in the course of the bridging operation, and creates a good plastic string between the pillars. Repeat this throughout the total style and design, and you get an desirable string vase.

Incredibly, [3DPrintBunny] didn’t have to do any extravagant slicer tips to realize this. Inventory slicer settings got the work done just high-quality, and she stories that the model should print on most FDM printers. For her own examples, she printed in a particular silver/bronze dual shade PLA filament.

It recollects us of initiatives to generate synthetic hair-like fibers by having gain of stringing in 3D printers. Video clip right after the split.