May 30, 2023

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Inside a battery recycling facility

Inside a battery recycling facility

Preserving up with local climate

AI and robots are encouraging researchers build superior batteries. Researchers utilized a machine discovering design referred to as Dragonfly and a robot called Clio to assistance them style new electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries. (Electrolyte is the liquid that helps move demand about in a battery.) Greater electrolytes could necessarily mean quicker charging for EVs. (MIT Know-how Critique)

The Nord Stream pipeline methane leaks are a local weather disaster, but fossil fuels production emits extra. The Russian pipelines have leaked about 300,000 metric tons of methane, a strong greenhouse fuel. World wide oil and gas production emits that sum every 1.5 days. (Bloomberg $)

A different electric aircraft firm is working exam flights. Eviation’s prototype, Alice, took to the skies in excess of Washington condition previous 7 days. (Seattle Instances) But batteries are even now a extended way from powering the planes of the future—for a lot more on why, examine out my short article from August on the subject matter.

Here is how communities should really rebuild right after Hurricane Ian. Weather alter is creating hurricanes much more extreme and extra common—hurricane-vulnerable regions can help restrict potential harm by creating additional shore protection, adhering to smarter setting up codes, and in some circumstances, going on. (New York Periods $)

just for entertaining

It can be formally fats bear week!! Each 12 months, Katmai Nationwide Park in Alaska invites us all to choose which of their brown bears is plumpest. So make your voice heard—vote in this articleand love this pleasant facts visualization from the Washington Write-up on just how unwanted fat these bears really are.

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