June 2, 2023

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Splunk alleviates source code theft by former employee • The Register

Splunk alleviates source code theft by former employee • The Register

Data-crunching outfit Splunk has submitted a lawsuit alleging that a former worker stole its supply code and utilized it to start a rival business.

At Splunk lament [PDF] names Clint Sharp, a former senior leader in Splunk’s product or service management team, as the villain of the piece right after he started a rival corporation called “Cribl”.

“Cribl was launched fourteen years after Splunk by a former Splunk personnel, Clint Sharp,” the grievance states, introducing: “Mr. Sharp started Cribl making use of code he intentionally and unlawfully took from Splunk when he was a Splunk employee without a license or permission to do so.”

The complaint also alleges that Cribl and Sharp “have recruited several Splunk personnel to Cribl, and have systematically encouraged employees to get Splunk’s confidential complex and enterprise documents with them.”

Splunk alleges Cribl has utilised stolen files “to more build its program and interfere with Splunk’s shopper interactions.”

The fit also alleges that Cribl introduced in 2018 and joined Splunk’s Engineering Alliance Spouse Software, even as it launched a merchandise centered on Splunk code.

Splunk failed to location that, but ultimately recognized Cribl may possibly not be offering the expected price-adds to Splunk and could be doing the job towards it, so booted it from the Husband or wife Plan.

At the time of composing, Cribl’s newsroom and social channels contain almost nothing in response to Splunk’s allegations. The Sign-up has questioned the organization for remark and will update this story if we obtained a substantive reaction – but we’re not holding our breath since our concept to Cribl’s electronic mail tackle for media inquiries has bounced with a “this address may possibly not exist” error.

Splunk’s criticism seeks an injunction to avert Cribl’s incorrect and unauthorized use of Splunk Business and any other Splunk software program, additionally compensation for acquiring completed so, on grounds that Cribl has infringed patents and copyrights and will have to have identified it was doing so.

Splunk has stated it will not enact a sanction it could impose by alone – blocking interoperability with Cribl – presumably for the reason that for some people that would make Splunk’s own wares significantly less handy. ®